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Faculty & Staff

Shared Governance Task Force

What is Shared Governance

Building upon a foundation of good faith, Columbus State University's shared governance model inculcates a value system which fosters collaboration and collegiality based upon trust and respect among all parties represented here. Through inclusive dialogue and transparent processes, this plan empowers all of the university's constituents to act in the best interest of the students, faculty, staff and administration while setting distinct lines of accountability and measuring mutually agreed-upon standards of progress. This approach requires a process that allows the constituents due time to deliberate and respond to proposals: the goal of this model of shared governance is to guide the institution effectively and in accordance with Board of Regents policies and the CSU By-laws.

Shared Governance at CSU

Working Draft Plan

Shorter accounts of Shared Governance

This article on shared governance appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education last July

Longer discussions of Shared Governance

A conference paper "The End of Shared Governance: Looking Ahead or Looking Back." written by Robert Birnbaum.

The AAUP Statement of Government of Colleges and Universities is a basic document for the shared governance plans of many universities. Other AAUP resources on shared governance can be found here.

CSU Documents

CSU Bylaws (PDF)

Draft CSU Faculty Handbook Revisions (PDF)

Current CSU Faculty Handbook

CSU draft shared governance plan from 2007 (PDF)

Other Resources

Other Shared Governance Plans

Board of Regents Policy Manual