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Faculty & Staff

The Leadership Institute - Internal Leadership Development

What We Do:

Our goal is to provide all employees at Columbus State University leadership development opportunities to enhance and grow their existing skill set. These programs are designed for employees to immediately be able to implement the skills that they learn into their everyday life. We believe that through these programs we will continue to see growth and development on an individual level which will directly impact the growth at Columbus State University.

Mission: Columbus State Internal Leadership Development will provide faculty and staff the opportunity to enhance their leadership development through the use of active learning and research-based programming resulting in a dynamic culture of academic and service excellence for the university.

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What is L.I.V.E. CSU:

L.I.V.E. CSU was created to help faculty and staff L.I.V.E. out what it means to be part of Columbus State University. Through this programming you will Learn, Invest, Value and Engage with colleagues as you work to identify, explore and improve your leadership style.

We provide professional development and continuous learning opportunities for all on campus.

We invest in everyone on campus and hope you will invest too.

We value everyone at Columbus State University, and hope we can continue to support your growth and own values.

We engage with everyone on campus and want to provide opportunities for campus engagement.

How do you L.I.V.E. CSU?