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Faculty & Staff

Essentials - L.I.V.E. CSU

Program Overview:

Essentials offers employees the opportunity to enhance their leadership skill sets through interactive learning. There are ten total sessions, each session will be offered twice a year.


These sessions are required for new full-time staff, and open to all faculty and staff. Each session is offered twice a year. You may start Essentials at any time.  Registration is required for all employees.

Session Outline:

Living Your Type Using MBTI
This session provides an introduction into the MBTI assessment and theory. Participants will explore preferred types as they engage in active learning.

Note: Prior to the session, participants will take the MBTI assessment.

Servant Leadership Model
This session introduces participants to the Servant Leadership philosophy through active learning and discussion.

Take a Number: Creating a Culture of Customer Service
Creating an excellent customer experience goes beyond just a service interaction. This session explores ways to ensure your team is providing the very best experience for internal and external customers.

Resilience: Bouncing Back & Taking it in Stride
You've heard the phrase, "you get knocked down, you get back up again," but this session will explore what this truly means through the use of tips and strategies to develop resilience in the workplace.

Other Duties as Assigned: Leading & Empowering Others
Being a leader doesn't require you to have a leadership position or title. This session discusses how you can be a leader by empowering others around you.

Living CSU's Vision & Values
What does it mean to L.I.V.E. CSU? This session explores Columbus State University's mission, vision and values. Participants will discuss what living these out on a daily basis means to each employee.

Cultivate your Creativity: Leading As a Team Member
Being a great team member requires understanding and leveraging both strengths and weaknesses. This session explores team roles and how to utilize them to lead as a team member.

Developing a Leadership Map
Every great leader needs to have a vision and foresight of what's to come. This session explores developing a vision and goals to build a leadership map.

Conflict: Working with You is Killing Me
The toughest part of any job is dealing with the people. Using Thomas Kilmann's Conflict Mode Instrument, participants will learn the process of conflict and its resolution.

Treating People with Respect: Inclusive Leadership
The Golden Rule vs. The Platinum Rule. This session will help participants break down barriers and develop leadership skills to ensure they are being an inclusive leader.


To register for 2022 Essentials sessions, please visit the new L.I.V.E. CSU app in MyCSU.

  • Go to MyCSU
  • Click Faculty/Staff, in the left nav.
  • Click L.I.V.E. CSU, under CSU Applications
  • Click Enroll for available sessions