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Faculty & Staff

L.I.V.E. to Emerge

Program Overview

This program incorporates active learning through exercises that expand your knowledge and understanding of leadership. Emerge will challenge you to explore and reflect on your personal leadership style. During Emerge, participants are asked to develop and present a professional leadership development plan (PLDP).


This program is open to any staff or faculty member. In addition to your application, please submit a letter of support from your direct supervisor to livecsu@columbusstate.edu. Applications and letters of support are due by Friday, January 14, 2022. Ten applicants will be selected for the program and will be notified of their acceptance the week of Monday, January 17, 2022.

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Session Outline

Session 1: Discovering Your Leadership Philosophy | 2/10/22
How do you want to be remembered? This session will help you understand the value of defining your legacy by exploring four key areas: strengths, communication, personal brand and great leadership traits.

Session 2: Understanding Yourself and Appreciating Differences | Scheduled Individually
During this session, we will not meet as a group, but will spend time in one-on-one feedback sessions, discussing the MBTI Assessment. Participants will gain a better understanding of their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. After this coaching session, you will be assigned a project, based on your PLDP.

Session 3: Teambuilding at Oxbow | 3/10/22
During this session, you‘ll be asked to reflect on your past activities and areas of strengths and weaknesses. Leaders need to be resilient and be able to move forward even when things do not go their way. This session will help you discover what it means to motivate yourself and learn how to move from being a critic.

Session 4: The Leadership Challenge | 3/24/22
We have all heard that the small things make the biggest difference. (Think falling asleep with a mosquito in the room.) The truth is, our relationships at work, whether they are good, bad or somewhere in-between, make a huge difference in our attitude and how we approach the work we do. This session will discuss how micro-moves can help you lead even in the worst of times.

Session 5: L.I.V.E. Your Leadership Inventory | Scheduled Individually
The L.I.V.E. Your Leadership Inventory is a leadership development tool to assist in developing, enhancing, and measuring skills and behaviors needed prepare for future leaders. This inventory focuses on four critical areas of Leadership Development. The Leader’s Self-Awareness, The Leader as a Relationship Builder, The Leader as a Strategist, and The Leader as a Driver of Results. These areas have been aligned with our core values at Columbus State University. Exceptional skills and behaviors in these four areas are essential to Columbus State University realizing its vision.

Session 6: PLDP Presentations | 5/5/22

Let Your Leadership Emerge Beyond Your Expectations!