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Faculty & Staff

L.I.V.E. to Elev8

Manager and Supervisor Leadership Development

L.I.V.E. CSU has leadership development opportunities for managers and supervisors. Elev8 is designed to equip leaders with the skills necessary to better lead effective teams. This unique program is a collaboration between Human Resources and the Leadership Institute and features sessions facilitated by both offices, including:

Session 1: Planning, Delegating, and Evaluating Performance
It is said that feedback is the new "F word." Being an effective leader comes with the responsibly to develop employees. This session explores effective methods for planning, delegating and evaluating employees performance.

Session 2: The Company You Keep: Building a People-First Culture
Workplace culture has been said to be the number one strategic play for businesses to succeed. Culture has taken on a new meaning as our lives has transformed into a virtual reality. How can you build, influence and sustain a workplace culture during a time when you find it hard to be engaged yourself? In this session, we will discuss the ever-changing impact on workplace culture and how to build a culture that encourages your team to share ideas, opinions, and criticisms.

Session 3: Supervising & Empowering Others
Supervising and empowering others starts with the leader. In this session, attendees will engage in self-reflective activities, gain knowledge on their preferred leadership style, and discuss various leadership styles that will build their toolbox for various situations. Leaders will be encouraged to develop direct reports through empowering assignments and leadership development exercises that result in professional growth. Participants will understand the difference between a boss and a leader and will be enabled to develop others in meaningful ways that capitalize on individual strengths and struggles.

Session 4: Leading Different Generations in a Common Workplace
Is the new workforce different from the retiring workforce? A focus on generational difference presumes that each generation is fundamentally different, thus, leading to frustrations and stress, especially in the workplace. The recognition of values that bridge generational gaps, within the context of a healthy organizational culture, can instead strengthen the organization from the inside out.

Session 5: Leadership Swap
Need help brainstorming solutions?! This session is for you! Join other managers and supervisors as you help one another problem solve and gain new ideas and approaches in making your team, office, or department more effective and successful. You don‘t have to do it alone.

Session 6: Policy and Procedure
A discussion session on university, BOR and State of Georgia policy. Participants will gain an understanding of how to navigate the various policies and how the pieces fit together.

Session 7: Difficult Conversations
Your first step in managing a difficult conversation (even if it happens suddenly) is to consider the potential outcomes and decide whether or not the conversation has enough value for you. This session will show participants ways to consider the consequences, as well as how to explore their frame of reference, establish positive intent, and identify what they want from the conversation. Participants will explore the framework for difficult conversations and create a template to help them plan future conversations.

Session 8: Leadership and the Law
A primer on ACA, FLSA, FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation.

Elev8 will be a requirement for any new managers and supervisors and will be open for existing managers at Columbus State University.

Employees required to complete the program will soon receive information from Tamara Wade, Director of Human Resources. Existing managers interested in attending one or more of the sessions can also register using the instructions below.

For more information, email Cedricia Thomas, Assistant Director of Internal Leadership Programs, at thomas_cedricia@columbusstate.edu


To register for 2022 Elev8 sessions, please visit the new L.I.V.E. CSU app in MyCSU.

  • Go to MyCSU
  • Click Faculty/Staff, in the left nav.
  • Click L.I.V.E. CSU, under CSU Applications
  • Click Enroll for available sessions, times and dates