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Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning External Development Grant

The purpose of the Teaching and Learning External Development Grants is to support transformational faculty development provided by recognized experts to enhance the overall quality of teaching and learning at Columbus State University. This will be accomplished by providing funding for event registration and travel, and by ensuring that the knowledge, skills, and insight gained will be disseminated to faculty peers on campus.

The Faculty Center endorses workshops and institutes led by organizations with which CSU holds institutional membership, such as AAC&U (American Association of Colleges and Universities), and CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research). We also support participation in disciplinary conferences with an explicit focus on pedagogy. The grant may be used to support webinar registration fees. For a range of appropriate venues, please consult this directory of disciplinary and general teaching conferences.

The committee seeks rationales that directly support the development of high-impact, experiential, and active learning strategies. Applicants should include the specific benefit they intend to gain from attending the event. Priority will be given to applicants who have not received the grant previously, and/or applicants whose prior grant award was more than a year in the past.

CSU Strategic Plan Goals

  • Provide faculty development in support of high-impact practices and active learning strategies.
  • Provide faculty and staff development opportunities for high-impact, experiential learning practices.

Eligibility and Procedures

  1. All full-time and part-time faculty at CSU are eligible to apply. Two colleagues (maximum) from the same unit may apply to attend a development event as a team.
  2. Applications will be selected for grants on a competitive basis. The committee will give preference to those applicants whose rationales most strongly support the development of high-impact, experiential, and active learning strategies.
  3. Individual award amounts will be determined by estimated expenses as listed on event registration form and/or a CSU Travel Application, to *exclude meals* (registration fee, airfare + ground transportation or mileage + parking, accommodations).
  4. Grant amounts from the Faculty Center will not exceed $1000 per applicant, to be received as reimbursement for documented expenses. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional support from departments and/or colleges. Indicate additional sources of funding for expenses.

Grant Application