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Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Interdisciplinary Initiative Grants

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Bringing together faculty members to enhance teaching and learning

Interdisciplinary Initiative Grants support CSU's Strategic Initiative to support and recognize innovation and creative activity. Grants are intended to bring together faculty from different disciplines to collaborate on scholarly and creative endeavors that engage students.

Past projects have produced student and faculty exhibitions, performances, collaborative research, development of new technologies, and multi-disciplinary solutions to a focused problem. We encourage faculty to propose an opportunity for students to share the results of their collaborative efforts in a public forum, including Tower Day posters or presentations, state or regional undergraduate research conferences, or community events.

Interdisciplinary Initiative Grant recipients will receive a stipend of up to $1,000 to carry out projects that bring together faculty and students from two or more academic departments to achieve narrowly focused or event-specific goals or objectives. Grant stipends recognize the value of faculty time and expertise in developing new initiatives in teaching and learning. A limit of $3,000 per project (including stipends and a supplemental budget) will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the duties and responsibilities listed below.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Interdisciplinary Grant recipients will:

  • Articulate clearly in the proposal how students across disciplines will benefit from the project;

  • Identify specifically in the proposal each faculty member's contributions to the project. The proposal should indicate stipend amounts that reflect the expected distribution  of work.

  • Carry out the project as described in the proposal.

  • Submit a written report evaluating the impact of the project on student and faculty learning to the Faculty Center within one month of its completion. Each contributing member must submit evaluative remarks for the report.


Proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The proposal is innovative or represents a new initiative in enhancing teaching and learning at CSU.

  • The proposal includes a plan for students to share the results of their collaborative efforts in a public forum.

  • The proposal has a plan to evaluate the impact of the experience on faculty and students.

Interdisciplinary Grant Application

For inspiration, review successful proposals and project summary reports.