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Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Caught In the Act of Great Teaching


Have you had a professor who has gone above and beyond your expectations to ensure that you succeed? For professors, your experience and success is what it's all about. The Faculty Center is offering you to make an impact in your professor's life just like they have made in yours.

Consider thanking your professor if they have:

  • engaged and encouraged you in your learning
  • created an inclusive and supportive learning environment for you through your academic journey
  • used innovative techniques to help you learn
  • challenged you to advance both inside and outside of the classroom
  • inspired you to learn more to pursue your goals
  • assisted you in overcoming a difficult or challenging learning experience

How it Works:

You compose your note to your professor using the online form and we'll send it on your behalf. You can choose whether to include your name or remain anonymous. Please be sure to include details so your professor understands just how big of an impact he/she made.