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More show and tell.

How about some pics of Silent Hunter 3? This is an excellent computer game that simulates World War 2 submarine warfare as experienced by the German Kriegsmarine.

To find out about the game, go the the Official Silent Hunter 3 website.

The Pics . . . click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

A warm farewell to the heroes. About 30,000 of these fellas never made it back, so "Heroes" is a fitting name and description.


Leaving Wilhelmshaven.


Until we return.


The captain orders the dive.


Ever deeper . . .


Germans called their underwater vessels "U-Boots," or underwater boats. We often refer to them as submarines, but technically they are submersibles meaning that they spend most of their time on the surface. Modern underwater warships are called submarines because they spend most of their time below the surface.

Perhaps at some time in the future I will document an entire patrol complete with screenshots. Stay tuned . . .



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