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So who doesn't like to do a little show and tell?

Here are some pictures of me and stuff I do.

The Pics . . . click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

Just some old junk.

My set-up for composing music . . . and playing games.

Full frontal of the set-up.

A custom PC built by a local shop.

Some fans of computer flight simulators go all-out and build cockpits that they can actually sit in and fly in the virtual skies. Obviously I'm not one of them . . . a wicker plant stand, an empty router box, a leather belt, and a tie put the Saitek X-45 at just the right height when I slide the whole set-up in front of me. Not pictured here is my throttle which I keep to my left as I fly , , , it's strapped to an office chair with a bathrobe belt. Welcome to low-tech innovation, baby.

Look, a menage-a-software (pardon my French). That's WaveLab 5 on the left; it's what I use to put the final mastering touches on my music. GigaStudio 3 Orchestra is in the middle; that's where the instrument sounds come from. And on the right is Sonar 4 Producer Edition; this is where the composing takes place. Sonar is a multi-track recording studio, sequencer, and notation software suite in one.



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